Machavert establishes Science Advisory Board

OCT 24, 2017 People

• Machavert recently established the Science Advisory Board (SAB) and will be receiving council from leading experts in core Research and Development (R&D) areas. We are excited to introduce Professor Dan Theodorescu of the University of Colorado, Professor Rick Duke of University of Colorado and CID4, and Professor Dennis Voelker from National Jewish Health, Denver as the SABs first members.

• Our new team of experts joined us for the SAB kick-off meeting held at the Cancer Center of the University of Colorado at the Anschutz Medical Campus in October. Being the first of many, this meeting was special and full of scientific excitement over our latest lab results that showed therapeutic anti-cancer efficacy of our leading drug candidate MP1000. The discussions held resulted in a number of interesting new research directions and needs that, together with the new support, we look forward to tackling in the near future.

• The SAB is expected to greatly boost the knowledge base of Machavert and will support us in fine-tuning our development pipeline, R&D direction and strategy, as well as identifying new R&D opportunities.