Science Advisory Board review meeting took place on November 2

NOV 15, 2018 Science

We have shared our latest R&D progress with our Science Advisory (SAB) review panel that took place at Machavert headquarters at Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, CO at the beginning of November. Our SAB meeting included the entire Machavert research team to review and discuss results and plot a strategy for next steps. The main highlights of the progress were presented by our Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) Dr. Neal Goodwin and Dr. Greg Miknis, VP of Drug Discovery. We have then discussed an extensive progress since the last SAB meeting and also outlined plans for the future. The key topics included the discussions of the mechanism of action of our phospholipid platform and its development toward immuno-oncology treatment. Also, we have discussed future directions and expansion of Machavert’s R&D toward developing more diversified portfolio.

Overall, the reaction of the SAB members was very positive, and the discussions were very forward looking toward maximizing the possible outcomes. For instance, David Brautigan told us: “Through dedicated efforts of Machavert researchers the composition of the lead therapeutic has been refined, and an effective formulation produced that has in vitro and in vivo efficacy. In addition, Machavert has launched a project on a novel inhibitor of the RAS pathway which is a driver of the majority of human tumors. This opens a complementary therapeutics program.”

In summary, the SAB was impressed by the progress over the last six months and has endorsed the future R&D plans of Machavert. The goal is now to advance the first candidate for Immuno-Oncology into IND enabling studies. Also, Machavert will focus on developing its drug delivery platform and the RAS pathway in oncology.

This was a very successful meeting and the well-deserved praise belongs to the CSO, Dr. Neal Goodwin. As one of our SAB members mentioned: ” Neal has brought a wealth of experience to Machavert, and has pushed development forward, with the goal of achieving IND status. The future is especially bright and Machavert is poised to introduce novel cancer therapeutics.“

We are all looking forward till the next SAB review meeting and hope that our R&D programs will leap forward again even further than since the last meeting until this one.