The Scientific Advisory Board meeting pinpoints R&D strategy of Machavert

FEB 20, 2020 Science

Aurora, Colo., Feb. 19, 2020. We held the Science Advisory Board (SAB) meeting to review our R&D progress and direction on February 3, 2020. All our SAB members participated including Dr. Norm Greenberg and Prof. Dan Theodorescu and Prof. David Brautigan. Machavert CSO, Dr. Neal Goodwin, and members of our R&D team have presented research results to the SAB. The meeting has sparked many fruitful discussions and valuable feedback but most importantly, the team and the SAB have agreed on a common path forward and R&D strategy for the coming months.

In summary, it was concluded that Machavert had made significant progress in developing therapeutic candidates that target the RAL GTPases (RALA and RALB) for the treatment of multiple therapeutic areas of cancer, which is now the primary focus of Machavert. Machavert has completed proof-of-principal animal tumor efficacy studies and nominated a lead compound, MP2018 for advancement to the lead optimization and formulation stages of drug development.

The SAB endorsed a prepared plan for completing the next stages of development for MP2018 that includes animal studies for demonstrating anti-tumor growth efficacy and anti-metastasis growth efficacy in multiple forms of cancers across a wide spectrum of KRAS mutations and KRAS mutation cancers. The successful completion of these studies was recognized as key target and is expected to strategically position Machavert as a successful player in the KRAS and metastasis inhibitor therapeutic space.